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Let’s relive the 2010/11 ski season

Do the snow dance!

There’s nothing like basking in the heat of Asia, while looking at your Facebook mini-feed and seeing it dump at your favorite mountain, knowing you’ll be back in time for the season. Today, Winter Park received 4.5 inches over night. This, my friends, is well before their opening date in early November. Does this year have the makings of another epic ski season for Coloradans?

As stated before, the 2010/11-ski year was incredible. Skiing in late November and early December felt like it was mid-season, and most resorts even extended their seasons due to late spring dumps. With that being said, last season was a bust. 

Many mountains didn’t even open fully, or did for a short period of time. Wolf Creek and Telluride had decent seasons, but besides a few small dumps, the best day of skiing to be had was one in late January at Eldora of all places.

Colorado took a hit last year due to lack of tourism and lack of snow. Though sad, this season looks as if it has the makings to be another great year in the history of Colorado skiing. A-Basin has already started running their lifts, and the other summit county areas are well on their way to following in suite.

For all us Coloradans, let’s make sure to do our best to please Ullr this year. We can’t afford two bum ski seasons in a row. For those of us who ache for powder, our well-being depends on it. Make sure to practice your snow dance and pray for snow all day, every day!