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1-1 start for the Broncos

Formidable defense and a new quarterback

This season has a lot riding on it for the Broncos and their fans. It marks the second full season under the tutelage of John Fox, as well as the first season without quarterback drama (hopefully). The madness that occurred last year with Tim Tebow, as well as the two-year battle he had with Kyle Orton for the starting spot, finally has passed. We have a future Hall of Famer in the pocket again, and the clouds seem to be clearing over Denver.

Thus far, we’ve had two solid games. Though one was a loss, a loss that saw Manning throw three picks, the Broncos are in a much better place than we have been in years. We have a formidable defense, two strong and healthy backs, a quarterback and some talent for him to target.

The question that will remain is whether or not the Broncos can make a run in the playoffs. We are the defending AFC West Champions, and I know Denver fans are dying to keep this title. We have strong competition in our conference (this is a make or break year for San Diego), and the league itself is looking very strong. The hopes on this season for the Broncos are still sky high.

The Broncos have a tough schedule ahead of them, playing the blazing hot Texans this weekend. Our first conference game is the following weekend versus the Raiders,and we follow that with a match up against the Pats. The season is the Broncos to lose, and though we may not be at the top of the power rankings, the dark horse title seems quite fitting.