Weekend getaway in New York City

Weekend getaway in New York City

Fitting it all in.

Earlier this year, my husband and I went on a weekend getaway to New York City.  Having lived in New York City before, we often missed the food and shopping that’s available there.  So we thought a trip there would be a great reward for us after completing our first full marathon race.

During our weekend getaway, we made sure to visit some of our favorite eats.  We had tom yum soup, enjoyed a variety of Malaysian dishes, ate fish maw soup and devoured plenty of street food.  We particularly have a thing for the $1 lamb kebabs in Flushing Queens. 

Therefore, we had like four sticks of them each for every day that we were there.  Want to know what is the best drink to wash down some spicy lamb kebabs?  It is an ice cold bubble tea. The same drink also goes well with the many food options that are available at the Chinese bakeries in Flushing Queens. 

Another drink that I love to get whenever in New York City is fresh coconut juice—there is a place in Manhattan’s Chinatown where I can buy a fresh coconut to sip straight out of with a straw. 

Shopping is an activity that cannot be missed while in New York City.  So we set aside a bit of time of each day to do just that.  However, to be honest, it was mainly just me who did the shopping—hubby simply accompanied me on my shopping spree.

Museums are plentiful in Manhattan.  During our last weekend getaway, hubby and I decided to explore the Museum of Sex together.  It was not as entertaining as we had hoped it to be.  Therefore, I would not recommend it. Try any other museum while doing your own weekend getaway in New York City.