Host a country club

Host a country club

No, not a preppy exclusive club—a club for celebrating the world!

In our homeschool co-op, we have started a fun country club that has nothing to do with exclusive membership and everything to do with learning about countries of the world. Each month, a family will be sponsoring a new country in their own way—whether that be bringing in artifacts from the country, cooking up a meal or simply giving an oral report. Our kids average out to age seven, so the reports will only be ten minutes long, if that.

My daughter and I are doing the first presentation ourselves and we have decided to study England. Actually, my daughter, who is obsessed with the country after watching movies like Nanny McPhee and Flushed Away, chose the country; I had hoped for Spain, which would have been easier for me to present.

Even so, I am still excited about the project. So far, we have made handouts about the differences between American English and English slang, a flag, and a simple fact sheet. What I’d really like to do, however, is prepare an English pudding to share with the kids. I’m not sure how we’ll pull that off just yet since I’ve never made one, but we will figure it out.

The point, of course, is to have some fun and learn about a culture different from the one you live in.