Buns and Guns Military Restaurant

Buns and Guns Military Restaurant

Eating in Lebanon while in an atmosphere that reflects the country’s wars.

Located in the city of Beirut, Lebanon, is a uniquely pragmatic restaurant that pokes a bit of fun at the long history of violence in the country.  It’s called the Buns and Guns Military Restaurant and it is themed to look like a military outpost.  Well, a military outpost if it happened to serve hamburgers, fries and giant sandwiches.


Some may think this distasteful, but it’s turned out to be a successful establishment.  When asked about it, the owner stated that his desire was to create a business that reflected the recent history of Lebanon and a place where people could come and relate because they had lived through it.  He also said the ridiculous nature of the restaurant was a good way to get people to laugh about the conflicts instead of worrying all the time.

Outside, it looks like most other businesses other than the rather obvious presence of a sandbag perimeter denoting the eating courtyard.  Inside, the building is decorated in military style, with fake guns on the walls and camouflage netting.  There’s even a recording of helicopter noises and the sounds of rockets to add more atmosphere.

The people who work there are dressed in helmets, berets and military outfits.  The menu is shaped to look like a bullet and all the selections on it are according to the military theme.  There is an M16 Carbine sandwich, a Mortar burger, Grenade potato wedges and more.  And when your food comes out to you, it’s wrapped up in camouflage paper.

Buns and Guns Military Restaurant may be an idea that spawned because of its easy marketing, but the food is said to be both tasty and affordable, which makes it all the better.  Unfortunately, at last report the establishment had shut down, replaced by a sports-themed restaurant, so the opportunity to see it in person is no more.  Unless they decide to declare yet another war on hunger, that is.